Building the Ultimate Work Truck…..On the CHEAP!!

We have been asked through several emails to provide a cheap viable option for a bug out vehicle, something that could handle all your homestead needs, and something that could be done for cheap! Well here is the introduction to Marge! She will be the ultimate homesteader truck for under $5000.

Curing Ham and Home Ham Curing Recipes Dry, Salt Brine and Sugar Curing Methods


curing-hamI have always been interested in learning the art of curing. I am also all about getting right to the point. This following article was extremely helpful. It had all the needed info and none of the fluff. Hope you enjoy:

Making butter with Lehmans Best

I have always wanted to make my own butter. I even scored an antique butter churn from a local antique store for $10. I just never had the heart to use it. Then I found this great article using Lehmans butter churn.

Making Butter

Find the great article here: