Space Saving Bedrooms


Surely Im not the only one, but back in the day I hear how parents raised 10-14 kids in homes that was less than 2000 sq/ft. Now days it seems more and more common that every kid in the family gets their own room. You hear comments like “they need their space” or “They don’t…

How to Make a PVC Bow for only $7!


Great DIY project: How to build a hunting a survival bow with PVC.

The Day After (1983)


The Day after is a a movie that aired on TV on November 20, 1983. It was on ABC Television. It had a record breaking 100 MILLION viewers during its initial broadcast! I believe this still holds the record as highest rated television movie in history. The movie is based in Kansas and about a…

Indoor Pastures. Double Your Herd While Everyone Else is Selling Cheap!

FT-13 foot trays

What if you could raise feed for your animals without the risk of weather and crop failures?

Ultimate Work Truck Part 2, Marge Gets Storage

Screenshot 2015-03-24 13.26.26

We spent some time collecting yard sale finds to create the ultimate storage system for only $40!!! Using ammo cans, tool drawer boxes, and some ingenuity we created what we think is the easiest storage systems you could have in a truck bed. Go Marge!!