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I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you “look ahead,” before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

The Importance of Honey

honey I am sure everyone has tried honey, but a lot of people don’t realize the importance of honey. Honey is considered a super food. It is one of the rare foods that can sustain life by itself. Honey also has medicinal purposes as well. If you are storing honey, you might want to add more. If you have no honey in your storage, I hope this article will convince you to start.


Lets start with the health benefits since they seem to be the most overlooked. While researching for this article I was surprised to find that honey was the most popular antibacterial treatment for wounds during the first world war. Hmm, you would think we would have heard more about it since it was used so much. Honey has been shown to reduce swelling, scaring, and odor of wounds. It also has been known to help with stomach pains.

For stomach aches you just add one teaspoon of honey and half squeezed lemon to a glass of water and it should go away.

Honey also works great for coughs. I use same recipe as above or just swallow a spoonful. Works great on sore throats.

And now for my favorite, Allergies!! I have really bad allergies and honey is my number one guard against them. It is believed that the pollen in the honey helps build up your immune system to local allergies. I have heard that it is not true or an old wives tale. All I can say is that it works great for me.

Storing Honey

Honey is a great food for storage. If stored properly, it lasts forever. Edible honey was actually discovered in an Egyptian tomb. It makes a great substitute for sugar. It can crystallize making it difficult to use, but all you need to do is heat it up and its good as new. We have used the microwave or pot of hot water, both work just fine.

**Find more info on honey here!

**Because of the spores contained in honey, infants under the age of 1 year cannot consume it. While it’s fine for older children and adults, infants under 1 year can contract botulism from honey

Colorado Police hold our Family Dog Ransom

Illegal immigrants cross our borders and get free health care, and I get charged more for my dog to stay 2 days at an animal shelter than it cost my WHOLE family to stay at Comfort Suites for THREE nights! I am so upset about how a Dacono, Colorado Police Officer can hold our dog for ransom with zero effort on their part.


[ran-suhm] Show IPA


1. the redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person, of captured goods, etc., for a price.
2. the sum or price paid or demanded.
3. a means of deliverance or rescue from punishment for sin, esp. the payment of a redemptive fine.
–verb (used with object)

4. to redeem from captivity, bondage, detention, etc., by paying a demanded price.
5. to release or restore on receipt of a ransom.
6. to deliver or redeem from punishment for sin.

Heather Marie and BanditI just don’t get government run operations at all!!! Illegal immigrants cross our borders and get free health care, and I get charged more for my dog to stay 2 days at an animal shelter than it cost my WHOLE family to stay at Comfort Suites for THREE nights! I am so upset about how a Dacono, Colorado Police Officer can hold our dog for ransom with zero effort on their part.
Our family was making a quick trip to Colorado to tie up some loose ends. We stayed at the Comfort Suites hotel in Firestone, CO. Total cost was $283.20. We kept our dog, Bandit,  at a friends house in Dacono. Everything went great until we were packing to leave. My five year old son was watching the dog, and somehow he got outside. That would normally be ok, but we were loading up our vehicle and had the gate open. I turned and asked where the dog was and that was it! He was gone. 3 minutes, maybe 5 minutes MAX. We quickly sent our oldest kids running around the blocks and my wife and I jumped into a couple of vehicles and drove around. Nothing. We searched for hours. Our friends jumped in on the search. The Dacono police station is closed on weekends, so our calls to them went unanswered. So we called our vet in Missouri and informed him, since Bandit had the rabies tag with the vets number. He hadn’t heard anything, but took our cell number just in case.
So after hours of searching, our kids beet red from the heat, we loaded up to head home. That was a long trip, our kids crying and no usual laughter. We stopped off at a friends house in Kansas City and stayed the night. The next morning, our kids acting the same as before, I tried to cheer them up. No luck. About mid morning I got a call on our cell phone. It was our Missouri vet, Bandit had been found and was at the local animal shelter! “Great! Your a life saver! Bandits been found kids!” I said. Everyone was yelling and screaming! Ahhh, the family spirit was back! I grabbed the phone number and quickly called the shelter.
The local animal shelter was very nice. I explained our situation and that we were 13 hours away. She explained the fees to me. $50 admission,  $25 a day. Great. “Can I have a friend pick him up?”, I asked. She stated that I would need current rabies shots and a release from the Dacono Police Dept. She gave me the number to the police station and I started to call. This was now Sunday and the police station is still closed. Great, now what.
Monday rolls along and I get on the phone first thing. Dacono says that I have to pay a pick up charge for the dog. “ok, how much is that” I asked. That is $50 transport fee. But it looks like the police officer is issuing a ticket as well. That will be $139.  They are charging us for a dog not on a leash. I explained the circumstance and that we were in MO. She stated that we needed to give proof of rabies shots and pay the $50 transport fee. The ticket could be paid later. I stated I would get someone over and pay the fees within the hour. After hanging up I started to add up all these fees. Wait a minute! Including the ticket, this was going to cost us $289!! I’m sitting at my desk and look over to see our receipt from the hotel. I couldn’t believe that it cost more for my dog to stay 2 days at an animal shelter than my WHOLE FAMILY stayed 3 nights at the Comfort Suites Hotel. That is ridiculous.
So I called back and talked with an animal code enforcement officer. She stated that the police officer who issued the ticket was off till Wednesday. Hmmm, it was his Friday when he found the dog. That might explain why we never saw a police car in our hours of searching. All he had to do was look around a little. We had a total of 11 people looking for the dog. He would have easily spotted us. She also stated “perhaps you need to keep your dog in a yard with a better fence”. I am usually a nice guy, but don’t take kindly to someone getting smart mouth with me. I told her not to talk to me that way. I’m a little pissed off, and I don’t think anyone would blame me.
I was fine accepting responsibility for letting our family dog get away. Being far away in Missouri,  I felt taken advantage of. I felt like our family dog was being held ransom. Nobody would release him until they had their money. I can understand paying a fine, but these expenses are extremely high. There is just no way, in my understanding, to justify these prices. I see police officers constantly driving around with their cell phones to their ears. Why could he not take 5 minutes out of his busy friday to just call the number on the collar? Why did he not drive around the block to see our six kids running around calling for a dog? Why did I have to get such sarcastic remarks from the code enforement officer?
OH well, off my soapbox. The good news, we have a friend moving  from Washington to Tennesee. He picked up Bandit this morning and bringing him half way across the US to us! Our family is very excited to get Bandit back, no matter what the cost!

Custom Sidecar

Custom built sidecar


Here you have some custom ingenuity! Determined not to let his girlfriend to up the beverage holder he put on the back of his motorcycle, he built a custom sidecar. It appears to be made of wood and a bicycle wheel. Let us not forget to mention the sweet “one size fits all” 70’s lawn chair. What is really amazing is the fact that he had enough forsight to mount a spare!