Motorcycle Used To Press Sugar Cane

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In the old days they used oxen to juice sugar cane. This video show the upgrade to modern motorcycle for juicing. This could be done for all sorts of agricultural presses. Such as nut oils, seed oils, etc.

Space Saving Bedrooms


Surely Im not the only one, but back in the day I hear how parents raised 10-14 kids in homes that was less than 2000 sq/ft. Now days it seems more and more common that every kid in the family gets their own room. You hear comments like “they need their space” or “They don’t…

Amazing Energy Efficient Shipping Container Home


This amazing Shipping Container home was built by Joseph Dupuis, 29, who does renewable energy research at Algonquin College in Ottawa. He claims its super energy efficient and says it cost less than $20k to make!!   He claims it is so energy efficient that his highest bill right now is his cell phone! How nice…

“I Think I Hear Someone In The Backyard”

Crime Scene

That is what I woke to last night at 3:45AM. My 17 year old son was standing in my bedroom, in the dark, and whispering to me. I must admit, I’m a heavy sleeper and usually takes me a minute to gain my bearings. But this time I was up and alert in two seconds.…

Indoor Pastures. Double Your Herd While Everyone Else is Selling Cheap!

FT-13 foot trays

What if you could raise feed for your animals without the risk of weather and crop failures?

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