Is Bee Pollen Natures Multivitamin?


“One of the most amazing bee pollen facts is that it takes one bee working eight hours a day, one month to gather just one teaspoon of bee pollen granules.”   Bee pollen actually makes an excellent multivitamin and is considered a super food by some. Great article explaining it all can be found here:…

The Best Root Cellar

I have been looking at hundreds of different root cellar projects online trying to decide which route I plan on going. This will be a project I plan on tackling next spring. This is by far my favorite root cellar build that I have found:

Homemade Quail Cage System

We built this cage using an old shelf we had laying around.This was a great father son project that we built on a Saturday afternoon.  

The Best Orange Peel Cleaner Recipe

  I have looked all over the internet and found thousands of orange peel cleaner recipes. This article is one that I consider one of the best! Enjoy a fresher smelling house with these great recipes:

Six Super Spices

I found this picture floating around facebook and found it an important information to have on hand: