The Gabion House

With this article we look into the home building option using gabion baskets. This article has one goal, to just bring the build option to your attention. Show that it IS a viable option and hopefully we can later report of someone that has built a home from gabions.



These baskets are wire weaved together in a basket form that you can fill with rocks. Assembling gabion baskets are not hard at all and anyone can really do it. gabion-home

Gabion baskets have been used to build walls, pillars, outdoor seating, and many other things for quite some time.

gabion water feature
What I like about this idea, was to use this on the inside of the home. Use rainwater and with sky lights makes a great indoor growing scenario.
gabion retaining wall1
I really like the flat rock assembly. Very clean.

From what we can tell, there are several positives and a few negatives.



Positive aspects of building a Gabion Home:

  • Bullet Proof
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Very Inexpensive to Build
  • Very Forgiving Build Process
  • Use of Natural Resource That Are Plentiful

Now as far as the negatives go:

  • Takes a lot of energy to warm the walls
  • Windproof issue? Maybe not have watertight
  • Labor Intensive to build

gabion wall


So do some research because we think this is a very viable option depending your geographic location.

Were You Born In The Wrong Century?

Would you be up to the challenge? Drop all contacts, throw away the cell phone, leave behind the laptop, and walk back into time; to the TENTH century?? (Video Below)

In 2013, and medieval re-enactment group built a 10th-century homestead as an experiment. The homestead has no access to electricity, no internet, tv, radio, or any other modern comforts.

10th century 17They selected one of their re-enactors to take on the challenge, Pavel Sapozhnikov. He will be running the medieval homestead in the dead of Russian winter! During winter the region temperatures can drop to -30 Degrees C(-22 Degrees F)!

Contruction of the homestead began in 2012 with the help of achaeologist Alexander Fetisov. The entire homestead was constructed using ONLY the materials found in 10th-century homesteads.

“You can do anything with an axe. And things you cannot do with an axe can be done with a tool that an axe will help you make,” Pavel explains.
10th century 2

10th century 3


10th century 510th century 810th century 910th century 1210th century 13

Here is an interview via YouTube that explains the challenge:


10th century 14
Counting the Days!

The farm rules were pretty strict – only authentic tools, equipment and food (found in ancient Russia) are permitted at all times. Pavel will have a limited supply of harvested food; he is expected to obtain his own food by hunting, gathering and fishing in the forest (the only time he was allowed to leave the farm). Each day, Sapozhnikov endured a routine of physical labor to ensure his survival: He woke up, checked on his livestock, milked the goat, chopped wood, fetched water from a well, insulated his cabin with manure, and hunted for food

.10th century 1110th century 1010th century 710th century 610th century 4

The Baddest Homesteaders Truck

Every once in a while a truck comes by that causes total truck envy. Im not one for wanting something that costs so much, but this is pure awesome. This is what I would call KING of trucks!

Built by Legacy Classic Trucks, the Legacy Power Wagon is one sick machine! These are hand-built by LCT in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They spend over 1000 hours on each of these builds! Not only is the timeless look of the Power Wagon awe-inspiring, but then they go in and make so many customizations and modernizations that its nicer than buying just a restored Power Wagon.

Every Legacy Power Wagon Conversion comes standard with leather seats, a 10 gauge LED-backlit classic instrument cluster, A/C, power steering, long travel suspension with Bilstein shocks, a 16,500 lbs towing-capable winch, and more. The buyers can also select from a variety of options including 2 or 4 door models, Chevy LS motors or Commonrail diesel (My personal favorite), automatic or manual transmissions, Nardi steering wheels in hand-stitched leather or mahogany, integral rollcage, long rage fuel tanks, plus different sized tires and wheels. Only a handful of trucks are created each year, and hey! A man can dream right?! Prices start at $185,000! *Gulp!

And if you still havent drooled enough:

Planting Garlic In The Fall

Fall is the time to plant your garlic. You can start as early as mid September and as late as end of Oct. Garlic is very easy to grow and store.

Although planting garlic is fairly easy there are some steps you need to be aware of.

  • Garlic likes well drained soil
  • Garlic likes loose soil
  • It needs to be 3-6 inches apart
  • Garlic should be planted pointy end up
  • Once covered with soil, cover with straw

We have been growing our own garlic here at Homestead Basics for the past 8 years and it has done well!

Here is a great video below: