All Natural Raspberry Jam

5 minute all natural jam

Now I love my jam, and we have made some weird ones over the years. Rest assured this is not one of them! We created this jam in under 5 minutes, its 100% all natural, and we only used THREE ingredients. The secret ingredient in the secret sauce is chia seeds! Thats right, chia seeds…

Heroic Helicopter Pilot Saves Lives and Homes


This heroic helicopter pilot was on his way back to the airfield after fighting another fire when he spotted the column of smoke. Firetrucks were not on the way and he was first on the scene. He decided to take the added risk of collecting water from a neighbors pool since the water source was…

Country Barn Home with Open Porch

barn home

This Country Barn Home kit is customized with 10 & 14ft lean-tos and an open porch. Built by Sand Creek Post & Beam this wood barn home kit feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. As we search for a possible new home, you will see several that we are…

Golden Eagle Attacks Kid

Eagle Attack

So many people misunderstand the power of nature. I have seen eagles pick up dogs and cats, and now human children! I once saw, with my own eyes, a womans dog taken by a coyote. Dog leash and all!! I know that too much time in a subdivision can disconnect us from nature. Here is…

How to Make a PVC Bow for only $7!


Great DIY project: How to build a hunting a survival bow with PVC.