Bread Tails, Yuck! Homemade Breadcrumbs, Yum!

So my wife went on a mission to find a way to keep them out of the garbage. I think its a great idea! She let them sit out for a while and then threw them into her food processor. Out came bread crumbs that she added to her can of exsisting bread crumbs.

Drill Your Own Well

Deep Rock hydra drill for do-it yourself type wells.

Satellite Bird Cage

Using a satellite dish to make a bird cage

Colorado Police hold our Family Dog Ransom

Illegal immigrants cross our borders and get free health care, and I get charged more for my dog to stay 2 days at an animal shelter than it cost my WHOLE family to stay at Comfort Suites for THREE nights! I am so upset about how a Dacono, Colorado Police Officer can hold our dog for ransom with zero effort on their part.

Savings found in Powdered Milk

I figured out how to save milk money by substituting powdered milk in recipes.