You know you are in the country when…

Here is another one for our Redneck Funnies Category. I’m not sure exactly how far out in the country you have to go before fear of falling cows, but the sign is hilarious!

Winter Wood Supply

Upon moving into our new Homestead, we noticed a couple of trees down. I absolutly did not want them to go to waste, so one of our first chores was cutting them up and having our own winter wood supply.

Chickens doing great!

Well, we got the chickens in. We started feeding them poultry feed from our local feed supply store. They have been in to 2-3 days and have all gotten used to roosting in the coop.

Sharpen Mower Blades

There is no technical mystery to sharpening a lawnmower blade. It just takes common sense and a bit of know-how. If you have a good bench grinder or a professional blade grinder, you can do a professional job.

Chicken Coop

Preparing the chicken coop.