Custom Sidecar

Custom built sidecar

Square Foot Gardening

You basically fill 8 inches deep, 3 different ingredients evenly. Those ingredients are 1 part vermiculite, 1 part peat moss, and 1 part compost. If you have to buy compost, I hear mushroom compost is the best. We could not find any, so we just used regular compost. Once they are in the container, stir it around to they are all evenly mixed and start planting!

Redneck Yacht

I thought I would start a new category. As I search the web for homestead ideas, I keep running by some of the funniest projects ever! So Ill post them up from time to time. This is a totally awesome project. Scamp travel trailer with 2 story view. Huge AC unit to keep the place…

Hay Bale Gardening

Now this is one interesting article. We are square foot gardening, and in searching for more literature, I ran into this article. It spawned all kinds of ideas, so I thought I would share. Gardening with No Back Pain! Hay Bale Garden Author: Stacy Pessoney Have you ever heard of growing your garden on bales…

Tin Can Ice Cream

Found this recipe on making Tin Can Ice Cream and thought you guys might enjoy. We sure did!!Yum!