Homestead Basics – Food Storage

ood storage is an important part of any home. You never know when the weather might go bad, or you loose a job. Dont forget about the self sefficiency aspect that takes a load off your shoulders knowing your family can eat for 3, 6, or 12 months without assistance from anyone else. I personally have about 8 months worth of food storage and 2 weeks water storage. Since we moved I havent had a chance to resupply our water. I had 6 months of water before the move. Ill show you my water storage project in a later post.

Case Tractor 444, 446, 448

I can not say enough about these little tractors. Ours is the Case 448 Garden Tractor. With the hydraulic system, a rear PTO valve can be installed which runs a multitude of attachments (factory tiller, wood splitter and wood chipper) along with just about any other hydraulically operated contraption you could dream up.

Skunk Odor Removal Recipe

I spotted our dog hanging out in some brush. About the time I was getting ready to call him he comes running out coughing, slobbering, and shaking. I knew that it wasn’t good and about 3 seconds later and nice breeze confirmed it! OOOff. Man dog you stink! In the 4 weeks we have been here he has found just about everything except a skunk. I guess it was only a matter of time. Surprised it took that long actually.

10 Day Survival Pack for $25

A 10 Day pack seems like a no brainer for $25. Why wouldn’t you do it? I too the advice from the Backwoods Home Magazine and did just that. No reason not to have a few of these and left in each vehicle for a “just in case” scenario.

Our Ford Tractor

Every homestead needs a tractor. We chose a Ford 8n as our first piece of tractor driving machinery!