Rain Bomb drops rare “Wet Microburst”

Screenshot 2015-08-19 12.51.49

This incredible timelapse show a serious dump of rain. Commonly called a Rain Bomb, these can be devastating to hikers in the desert. Hard to predict these but watching the footage shows something rare and beautiful!

Chris Kyle-Heartwarming Aftermath Of A Great Man


We have been asked to share this story. Ive had the opportunity to have dinner with Taya and many SEAL team members. It was a huge honor and humbling experience to be in a room full of so many brave men and women. For that I share the following store. RIP Chris Kyle, never forgotten!…

Close Quarter Gun Fight

Close up gun

As you can see below close quarter gun fights are a real thing and you only have seconds to make a decision. Literally one second can change the outcome of a gun fight. Below are some tips to keep yourself safe during a gun fight. There is a huge difference in being a gun shooter and…

Ultimate Work Truck Part 2, Marge Gets Storage

Screenshot 2015-03-24 13.26.26

We spent some time collecting yard sale finds to create the ultimate storage system for only $40!!! Using ammo cans, tool drawer boxes, and some ingenuity we created what we think is the easiest storage systems you could have in a truck bed. Go Marge!!

Building the Ultimate Work Truck…..On the CHEAP!!

Screenshot 2015-03-24 11.41.52

We have been asked through several emails to provide a cheap viable option for a bug out vehicle, something that could handle all your homestead needs, and something that could be done for cheap! Well here is the introduction to Marge! She will be the ultimate homesteader truck for under $5000.