Urban farming, going green

Our first mobile chicken coop, easy to move and safe for the animals, please let us know what you think, thank you Keeping hens in your own backyard is easy with the mobile chicken coop, Roll-a-coop rotates slowly allowing new pasture to be accessed and leaving waste behind, Animals stay more active and more productive, gone are the messy chores of cleaning plus the uv light sterilizers the cage on its slow rotation,

Urban Farming

Edited & uploaded for Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef at www.aidanbrooks.blogspot.com. What started out as an urban farming project in Detroit has rapidly developed into one of the world’s largest initiatives of its kind. Taja Sevelle’s Urban Farming – a not-for-profit corporation based in Detroit and with offices in Los Angeles, New York and St. Louis – has the ambitious aim of eradicating hunger. Urban Farming plants gardens on unused land and forges partnerships with business, local and …


Novella Carpenter started small, with some plants in an empty lot next to her house in Oakland. A couple of years later, she was tending to a full-blown farm, with goats, turkeys, ducks, pigs, and a robust garden. This video tackles questions of neighborliness (which is more offensive: police sirens or roosters crowing?), environmental poisons (raised beds are key), and the all-important slaughter question. The answer: Yes, she does (and yes, there is some bloody footage).

Alemany Farm: San Francisco Urban Farming

Alemany Farm is a 4 acre, fully functioning urban farm nestled between a major highway intersection, a newly gentrified neighborhood on a hill and a housing project- the perfect place to grow some food! We got a tour (and some amazing fruit) from Antonio Roman-Alcalá, Volunteer Coordinator and soon to be videoblogger/documentarian extraordinaire. The work being done at Alemany Farm proves the point that urban farming and local food production is totally possible and necessary for the health …

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