SOG SEAL Pup vs. Camillus Pilot Survival Knife / Ontario 499 ASEK review & demonstration

I too have both of these knives. They are both great knives. I agree with the outcome as well. Good side by side comparisons.

Which knife is better, the SOG SEAL Pup or the Camillus Pilot Survival Knife? They’re similar in size but differ greatly in weight and blade material. The Camillus is much heavier due to the awesome butt cap on the handle, and the SOG’s serrations are far superior to the saw teeth on the ASEK. The Camillus blade is 4-7/8″ long and is made of 1095 tool steel, which is easy to sharpen. The saw teeth on the spine work well on wire and nails, but fall short on cutting metal and plastic sheeting.The size of the blade and the protective metal casing on the sheath make this a safe choice for all skill levels. The Camillus Pilot Survival Knife is on the “must have” list of many survivalists for three simple reasons: It’s a comfortable, safe, and reliable survival tool. The SOG SEAL Pop is light, balanced, and tough. The blade is made of AUS 6 S/S, which makes it hard to get a good edge in the field. That said, it maintains an edge better than a softer blade. I’d recommend the SOG SEAL Pup knife to anyone looking for a decent camping/utility knife. A straight edge would be better for bushcraft, but for urban survival applications, the serrations will gnaw right through metals, plastics, nylons, and other synthetics with ease. The protective sheath and managable size make this a safe knife for all skill levels. Which knife proves best? Watch the video and find out. Be sure to leave comments and a rating. I just sold my Camillus 499 to survival instructor Paul Tarsitano of www

Rabbit raising Part 1 homesteading, survival, survivalist, peak oil, long term food storage

Don’t know what youtube has changed in the uploading process but this is the SIXTH try in uploading this video. Been at it for nearly a full DAY…… Part 1 of our new series on raising rabbits looks at equipment needed for rabbit raising as well as helpful hints in getting started. This series has been in the works for six months as we have tried to capture video of kits at various ages and stages of growth. This new series is about raising rabbits for MEAT, ie, to EAT. Be forewarned that we will discuss rabbit raising in that format and later videos will show some butchering – with a warning before it actually comes up. So for the PETA crowd, men of the other gender and the “we won’t eat anything with eyes” crowd, you’ll probably want to skip these videos. Be sure to visit and support our sponsor- 17 years in the preparedness and survival business.