Amazing Energy Efficient Shipping Container Home

This amazing Shipping Container home was built by Joseph Dupuis, 29, who does renewable energy research at Algonquin College in Ottawa. He claims its super energy efficient and says it cost less than $20k to make!!



He claims it is so energy efficient that his highest bill right now is his cell phone! How nice would that be!!


I love the simplicity of this home. Would you live here?
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2 thoughts on “Amazing Energy Efficient Shipping Container Home”

  1. I'm not going off grid again anytime soon but I am interested in the use of recycled materials in remote areas . I keep pondering using reground styrofoam waste as bulking material for a building structure that is 'precast' into large beams. It could be very cheap and durable and be better than treating as waste. Do you know of anyone using styrofoam, pallets, shredded plastic in such a way? I really like your house especially the aspect of fireproof in the forest.

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