DIY Project: How to build a Emergency Survival Generator using an old Dishwasher Motor

This video shows the build of an extremely useful crank generator which I make from a modified dishwasher motor. Perfect for supplying power or charging batteries at a remote campsite or bunker. This unit can easily be modified to connect to a bicycle. Power output is either a 12V regulated supply(Up to 3 full amps), an unregulated output, as well as a provision for charging a 100F supercapacitor bank.This project can be certainly handy if you’re needing an off grid power supply.If you connected the large wheel to a bicycle, then you could easily charge a lead acid deep cycle battery. The purpose of the capacitor bank is to store the energy for short term use, using a battery would be good for long term storage



This Swedish family built a Greenhouse around their home.

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Note that the average temperature for this area is around -3°C (27°F). This family need not worry as their greenhouse encapsulated house takes their internal climate from Sweden to the Mediteraneean. Incredible!

In January they see up to a 20°C spread from outside weather. The square area encapsulated by the greenhouse is nearly double that of the home, which allows for plenty of room for the family to enjoy their Mediterranean bubble.

The Greenhouse also allows the couple to produce foods usually impossible to grow in Sweden such as tomatoes and figs.

Start a Farm With Government Grant Money


Would a government grant help you make the leap to buying a farm? That right! The USDA has announced it is giving out over $19MILLION in grants to young farmers accross the country! The Nation Institute of Food and Agriculture is managing the grant program. This program was put into place to help the younger generation break into the farming industry. Its for people with 10 years or less experience in the farming industry.

If this sounds like you, read on….

The grants were put into place to help train producers the the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program or BFRDP for short.

Although getting a grant isnt easy, it sure beats getting a loan and having to repay it! Below is some of the info, keep in mind that these dates are the same every year!

Important Dates

Posted Date:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Closing Date:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Additional Information

For More Information Contact:

Jill Auburn

Contact for Electronic Access Problems: (link sends e-mail)

Funding Opportunity Number:


CFDA number:


Abstracts of Funded Projects:

Read the Abstract (link is external)

Previous fiscal year(s) RFA:
application/pdf FY 2015 BFRDP RFA (222.23 KB)
Estimated Total Program Funding:


Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:

At least equal to 25 percent (25%) of the federal funds awarded.

The Baddest Homesteaders Truck

Every once in a while a truck comes by that causes total truck envy. Im not one for wanting something that costs so much, but this is pure awesome. This is what I would call KING of trucks!

Built by Legacy Classic Trucks, the Legacy Power Wagon is one sick machine! These are hand-built by LCT in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They spend over 1000 hours on each of these builds! Not only is the timeless look of the Power Wagon awe-inspiring, but then they go in and make so many customizations and modernizations that its nicer than buying just a restored Power Wagon.

Every Legacy Power Wagon Conversion comes standard with leather seats, a 10 gauge LED-backlit classic instrument cluster, A/C, power steering, long travel suspension with Bilstein shocks, a 16,500 lbs towing-capable winch, and more. The buyers can also select from a variety of options including 2 or 4 door models, Chevy LS motors or Commonrail diesel (My personal favorite), automatic or manual transmissions, Nardi steering wheels in hand-stitched leather or mahogany, integral rollcage, long rage fuel tanks, plus different sized tires and wheels. Only a handful of trucks are created each year, and hey! A man can dream right?! Prices start at $185,000! *Gulp!

And if you still havent drooled enough:

Space Saving Bedrooms

Surely Im not the only one, but back in the day I hear how parents raised 10-14 kids in homes that was less than 2000 sq/ft.

Now days it seems more and more common that every kid in the family gets their own room. You hear comments like “they need their space” or “They don’t get along, no way they could share”.

But putting more than one kid in a room doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Here are some cool setups that seem to work.



Great cottage type setup.

4 bunk bed system

Really like the drawer system.


Cool play area upstairs.









rustic-kids2I count a 5 bed bunk system!




Love the ladder setup on rails


Love the book setup






Love the porthole windows