Farmbot Automation For food Production

Listen, we are all different. I know some of you love to get your hands dirty in garden and would be willing to spend your entire day there. Others have other tasks in mind and would love a hands off approach to at least weeding the garden.

Farmbot automationHow about growing food as efficient as possible? Want to plant food at the optimum time of year, no problem. Want each plant to get the exact amount of water without waste? No problem!

Introducing Farmbot:

Project Blue Collar Ford Gets a Hi-Lift!

Project Blue Collar Ford has been going onward for quite some time. We have managed to build the ultimate working mans truck! We feel that no truck is complete without a Hi-Lift. This is an amazing tool that just works! We have used it for recovery, trail repairs, fence repairs, and many other chores! See how easy the new install of the Ford Raptor was here:



Power Your Whole Home With A Bike!

If you think about it, how many people go the gym to work out. What if you could power your home by riding a bike for 60 minutes a day. The concept is easy, execution; not so much!

As you can see in the video below he charges a single battery after riding for 60 minutes. Now a single battery isnt going to charge your whole home for 24hours the way we Americans go through electricity, but its a start! It can also work for emergencies. Most important part here, you can charge your batteries without the noisy generator that all your neighbors will hear!!!

We have seen this down a couple of times and a quick internet search will find several homemade bike generator projects. I really like this one and I hope it will get you thinking!

Ford Sponsors The National Self Reliance Organization

Thats right! Interstate Ford stepped up and sponsored The NSRO with a Ford Raptor!!! I don’t need to go into details about what this Ford is, there are thousands of videos out there explaining how incredible this truck is. I will tell you it has plenty of horsepower and torque to do everything I wanted in a truck.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel as we build this into the ultimate work truck!! We have a ton of mods we will be installing shortly!

The Baddest Homesteaders Truck

Every once in a while a truck comes by that causes total truck envy. Im not one for wanting something that costs so much, but this is pure awesome. This is what I would call KING of trucks!

Built by Legacy Classic Trucks, the Legacy Power Wagon is one sick machine! These are hand-built by LCT in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They spend over 1000 hours on each of these builds! Not only is the timeless look of the Power Wagon awe-inspiring, but then they go in and make so many customizations and modernizations that its nicer than buying just a restored Power Wagon.

Every Legacy Power Wagon Conversion comes standard with leather seats, a 10 gauge LED-backlit classic instrument cluster, A/C, power steering, long travel suspension with Bilstein shocks, a 16,500 lbs towing-capable winch, and more. The buyers can also select from a variety of options including 2 or 4 door models, Chevy LS motors or Commonrail diesel (My personal favorite), automatic or manual transmissions, Nardi steering wheels in hand-stitched leather or mahogany, integral rollcage, long rage fuel tanks, plus different sized tires and wheels. Only a handful of trucks are created each year, and hey! A man can dream right?! Prices start at $185,000! *Gulp!

And if you still havent drooled enough: