Heroic Helicopter Pilot Saves Lives and Homes

This heroic helicopter pilot was on his way back to the airfield after fighting another fire when he spotted the column of smoke. Firetrucks were not on the way and he was first on the scene. He decided to take the added risk of collecting water from a neighbors pool since the water source was so close and he was worried that the fire might creep into the neighborhood. He did about 25 trips and had the fire out by the time the fire trucks arrived. I think this is a cool video and shows the skills and risks these men make daily!



Ultimate Work Truck Part 2, Marge Gets Storage

We spent some time collecting yard sale finds to create the ultimate storage system for only $40!!! Using ammo cans, tool drawer boxes, and some ingenuity we created what we think is the easiest storage systems you could have in a truck bed. Go Marge!!

Building the Ultimate Work Truck…..On the CHEAP!!

We have been asked through several emails to provide a cheap viable option for a bug out vehicle, something that could handle all your homestead needs, and something that could be done for cheap! Well here is the introduction to Marge! She will be the ultimate homesteader truck for under $5000.