Incredible 3D Printer Builds 10 homes in 24hours, And For $5,000 Each!


Seems like 3D Printers are all the rage. Right now it seems like the possibilities are endless and this may very will be the Internet or the Computer innovation of the 21st Century. A China based company used four 10mX6.6m printers to a mixture of cement and construction waste in building these walls.

So not only are we talking an inexpensive home, but one made from concrete! Note he has built in supports and is able to lay the concrete in a way that no form is needed and seems to be stronger design.


Blue Collar Ford Gets New Bumpers and Chase Rack!

So our very first sponsor is Addictive Desert Designs! They really hooked us up! We didnt want the prerunner type bumpers. We wanted full protection, ability to add a winch and lights, as well as create additional storage space! ADD came through in all the categories. Part of the Blue Collar Ford Challenge is that we have to build this truck in the driveway. It was freezing out! We had a storm rolling in and you can hear the wind really started blowing. We were originally going to put this together with three different videos. Front bumper, Rear bumper, and Chase Rack install. But with the weather beating on us, we put the video together as one. I get compliments everywhere we go with this thing now! Its been a great addition to the truck!

The Gabion House

With this article we look into the home building option using gabion baskets. This article has one goal, to just bring the build option to your attention. Show that it IS a viable option and hopefully we can later report of someone that has built a home from gabions.



These baskets are wire weaved together in a basket form that you can fill with rocks. Assembling gabion baskets are not hard at all and anyone can really do it. gabion-home

Gabion baskets have been used to build walls, pillars, outdoor seating, and many other things for quite some time.

gabion water feature
What I like about this idea, was to use this on the inside of the home. Use rainwater and with sky lights makes a great indoor growing scenario.
gabion retaining wall1
I really like the flat rock assembly. Very clean.

From what we can tell, there are several positives and a few negatives.



Positive aspects of building a Gabion Home:

  • Bullet Proof
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Very Inexpensive to Build
  • Very Forgiving Build Process
  • Use of Natural Resource That Are¬†Plentiful

Now as far as the negatives go:

  • Takes a lot of energy to warm the walls
  • Windproof issue? Maybe not have watertight
  • Labor Intensive to build

gabion wall


So do some research because we think this is a very viable option depending your geographic location.

The Last Trapper (Full Movie)

The art of living in harmony with nature. Originally titled “Le dernier trappeur“. A trapper and his wife brave the harsh Yukon climate, trecherous landscape and dangerous wildlife in an attempt to live a life of solitude.

For over 20 years, Nicolas Vanier, an untiring voyager in the coldest of climes, a veritable Jack London of modern times, has criss-crossed the wildest regions of the far northern lands. His travels include major expeditions in Siberia, Lapland, Alaska and of course Canada, where he recently undertook an incredible White Odyssey: 8600 kilometers covered with a team of sledge dogs, from Alaska all the way to Quebec. It was during that crossing, on the floor of a sumptuous and inaccessible valley in the Rocky Mountains, that Nicolas met the man who inspired him to make this film, a film that has lived within the man…

He’s a 50-year-old trapper named Norman Winter, and he lives with a Nahanni woman, Nebraska. Norman has always been a trapper, with no need of the things that civilization has to offer. He and his dogs live simply on what they produce from hunting and fishing. Norman made his sledge, snowshoes, cabin and canoe with wood and leather that he took from the forest and that Nebraska tanned, in the traditional style, just like the Sekani did in early times, using the tannin in animal brains, then by smoking the skin. To move around, Norman uses his dogs. They’re quiet, and with them he’s ready for action at the slightest sign of life, but all the while attentive to the majestic grandeur of the territories he passes through. That’s why Norman Winter is a trapper. The Great North is inside him and Nebraska carries it within her, in her blood, for the taiga is the mother of its people…

Norman and Nebraska know that a land only lives through its intimate links with the animals, plants, rivers, winds and even colors. Their wisdom comes from the deep and special relationship they enjoy with nature. When Norman Winter follows an animal’s trail, he studies it for a long time, to understand the animal’s exact perception of its environment. He knows how to free himself from the immobile image that a land evokes, then to “enter” it by comprehending what it is. To understand that is to sense the unmistakable breathing of the earth, it’s to understand why Norman Winter is the last trapper and why he turned his back on modern life, that he compares to a slope we slip down blindly. Norman is a sort of philosopher convinced that the notion of sharing and exchange with nature is essential to the equilibrium of that odd animal at the top of the food chain: Man.

That’s what this film, made over 12 months, will present, overlaying treks on horseback during the Indian summer and by sledge in the depths of winter, a canoe ride down a raging river at the bottom of a majestic canyon and attacks by grizzly bears and wolves…