Emergency Solar Power Setup

I like this easy setup, especially how the guy used light switch panel to select which room gets power. Slick!

Check out this link: www.thereadystore.com Great survival supplies at great prices!! I am a affiliate, its a great company to buy from… This is my 45 watt solar panel setup. I purchased this kit from Harbor freight for about $200. I use it for lighting in my home, as well different power tools around the house. This is a great source of power in the event of power failures (which happens often). Please comment if you have any question, comments, or concerns… Please subscribe as I plan on adding to this setup and posting more videos.

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23 thoughts on “Emergency Solar Power Setup”

  1. Very nice, I have been looking at the HF kit for a long time, could kick myself for not getting one last month when the price went down to 159.00. Thanks for the video, good work!

  2. you can get a power inverter that is 1000 watts and it has plugs so it is better then this set up, but good job, as well you can use a ulternator hooked up to a fan for wind power connexted to a power inverter as well and then connect it to a few batteries so you can have a better power source

  3. Great info, just wish there were more on this video. I guess I will subscribe to your channel to see. Keep up the good work.

  4. I love that setup, Ive always Loved wind power and solar Power, Im fixing to get me couple of panels, use them instead of Power company, I live alone, so, Im hardly ever inconvienced. I went thru Hurricane Ike with no power,, that really sucked.. Wont be without power anymore. Thanks for the video it gives me alot of ideas…

  5. If i want to run my house how many battery should i have and how much would this set up cost ? Oh and would a generator be better tho ? Thanks

  6. If i want to run my house how many battery should i have and how much would this set up cost ? Oh and would a generator be better tho ? Thanks

  7. @gatedude07: Yes you can. our utility did just that, (PSE&G) by hooking up 200,000 solar panels to the electric poles and back feeding them directly into the secondaries (after the transformer) to absorb the load and help shed the power producing jet engines and fossil units. Specs for panel output are: 200Watt output at 1.6Amps 120/240 VAC. They have an addressable micro-inverter attached underneath them with a rubber ducky antenna. Search “petrasolar” for more information.

  8. @loismustdietonight Walmart has some pretty cheap deep cycle batteries… Get a battery with the biggest Amp Hour rating you can afford… Say you get a battery that is rated at 120 amp hours, using 52 watts in compact florescent lights… That would last about 12 hours.

  9. Awesome setup! I am waiting on my 80watt panel to be shipped. I almost bought the 45 watt system from HF but went to ebay and found a 80W mono crystalline panel for exactly the same price! My friends and I are planning a campout soon and I could really use some suggestions to deep battery sizing to run my 200w inverter powering about 4 – 13W 120vAC CFL bulbs ALL night?

  10. @gatedude07 Yes, you could… I looked into it awhile back, with a small 45 watt setup, you would need a grid tie inverter which cost about $300 and it wouldn’t be that cost effective for what you would get back. If you had 200 watts of solar panels or more, grid tied system would be the way to go…

  11. I’m no electrician, so take what I say with a rather large grain of salt, but isn’t it possible to also hook you panels up to the grid and sell the energy back to the grid? A nice little source of money once your battery is full and you’re not using the excess at the time.

  12. @rblain4780 Yes, its setup for 12 volts… I can run my drill, circular saw, jig saw, and other small tools with no difficulty… as well as charging my batteries for my cordless drills..

  13. Hi. You have the batteries set up in parra…so this system is 12v right? not 25 volt? Also…What can you run in your shop with a 12 v setup? Thanks

  14. I’ll try to work on that in the near future… There are alot of videos showing setup of this kit. Check out user GREENPOWERSCIENCE… Thats where I learned how to set this up..

  15. I like this set up – hate to be a pain, but I’d like to see a more in depth vid on this. I have no experience with setting up back up power so any more info you can give on doing this would be great.

    Thanks for the vids!

  16. @homeismn At Walmart, and were about $70 each… Just make sure you get marine deep cycle batteries, if you get a regular car battery it will just go bad after awhile..

  17. Awesome… I just bought the kit
    Need to install it when it gets warm.
    Where did you get the batts and how much?

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