Self Reliance Expo Gives Out 100 FREE Berkey Filters!

2015-08-22 08.55.25The Self Reliance Expo came to Denver, Colorado this past weekend. It was a one day only show but packed a punch! Never before have they given out 100 Sport Berkey’s to the crowd! It was $10 to get in but the Berkey was worth $37! Not a bad deal.

Also to step up was Survival Frog. They gave away ONE THOUSAND bags and paracord survival grenades. This made entry into the expo virtually free.

Although the doors opened at 9AM the crowd (pictured) started forming at 7AM. This picture was taken around 8AM. So you have to get there early to get the prizes!

In case you are unfamiliar with the Self Reliance Expo, its the largest SRE in the nation. They focus on food and water storage, water filtration and EDUCATION! There are tons of classes! They have 3 different stages going, and new presenters on each stage every hour. You can learn suturing with Doom and Bloom, Perimeter Security with Charlie Hogwood,  aquaponics, permaculture, raising chickens, marksmanship training with Project Appleseed, and much more!

You can see lots of videos of past expos here: Self Reliance VIRTUAL Expo


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