Power Your Whole Home With A Bike!

If you think about it, how many people go the gym to work out. What if you could power your home by riding a bike for 60 minutes a day. The concept is easy, execution; not so much!

As you can see in the video below he charges a single battery after riding for 60 minutes. Now a single battery isnt going to charge your whole home for 24hours the way we Americans go through electricity, but its a start! It can also work for emergencies. Most important part here, you can charge your batteries without the noisy generator that all your neighbors will hear!!!

We have seen this down a couple of times and a quick internet search will find several homemade bike generator projects. I really like this one and I hope it will get you thinking!

Emergency Solar Power Setup

I like this easy setup, especially how the guy used light switch panel to select which room gets power. Slick!

Check out this link: www.thereadystore.com Great survival supplies at great prices!! I am a affiliate, its a great company to buy from… This is my 45 watt solar panel setup. I purchased this kit from Harbor freight for about $200. I use it for lighting in my home, as well different power tools around the house. This is a great source of power in the event of power failures (which happens often). Please comment if you have any question, comments, or concerns… Please subscribe as I plan on adding to this setup and posting more videos.

Emergency Preparedness Evaluation-Urban Survival Part 1/4

Are you prepared for an emergency, such as a disruption in utilities or quarantine? How would you cook and wash yourself, what would you drink? Watch as we evaluate our emergency preparedness, as we live in our house for five days without electricity and water from our taps.