Power Your Whole Home With A Bike!

If you think about it, how many people go the gym to work out. What if you could power your home by riding a bike for 60 minutes a day. The concept is easy, execution; not so much!

As you can see in the video below he charges a single battery after riding for 60 minutes. Now a single battery isnt going to charge your whole home for 24hours the way we Americans go through electricity, but its a start! It can also work for emergencies. Most important part here, you can charge your batteries without the noisy generator that all your neighbors will hear!!!

We have seen this down a couple of times and a quick internet search will find several homemade bike generator projects. I really like this one and I hope it will get you thinking!

Storing Home Grown Onions

My wife and I store our onions this way. Works great putting them in the freezer and makes them handy for cooking. A side tip is that we also store our peppers this way. Great for cooking with green and red peppers.

www.survivalistboards.com Growing onions at home can be an easy and satisfying project. Onions are easy to grow, tolerant of soil conditions and just about the whole thing is edible. But once the onions are harvested, what now? For about 3 – 4 months after the onions are harvested, my wife and I store them in a mesh plastic bag. In November we will usually slice them up, put them into a plastic bag and store in the freezer. In December I will plant some more onion sprouts and get ready for next year. home grown onions storage garden urban survival survivalist shtf teotwawki onion gardening home gardening

Food Storage: Dry-Packing Food Storage at an LDS Home Storage Center

Food storage: A family is dry-packing long-term food storage in #10 cans at an LDS Home Storage Center (LDS Dry-Pack Cannery). It is easy to do. Involve your children in this process so they can learn about food storage. Self-reliance is intelligent living.