The Gabion House

With this article we look into the home building option using gabion baskets. This article has one goal, to just bring the build option to your attention. Show that it IS a viable option and hopefully we can later report of someone that has built a home from gabions.



These baskets are wire weaved together in a basket form that you can fill with rocks. Assembling gabion baskets are not hard at all and anyone can really do it. gabion-home

Gabion baskets have been used to build walls, pillars, outdoor seating, and many other things for quite some time.

gabion water feature
What I like about this idea, was to use this on the inside of the home. Use rainwater and with sky lights makes a great indoor growing scenario.
gabion retaining wall1
I really like the flat rock assembly. Very clean.

From what we can tell, there are several positives and a few negatives.



Positive aspects of building a Gabion Home:

  • Bullet Proof
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Very Inexpensive to Build
  • Very Forgiving Build Process
  • Use of Natural Resource That Are¬†Plentiful

Now as far as the negatives go:

  • Takes a lot of energy to warm the walls
  • Windproof issue? Maybe not have watertight
  • Labor Intensive to build

gabion wall


So do some research because we think this is a very viable option depending your geographic location.

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