To Be A Man, Your Second CHANCE

To Be A Man, Your Second CHANCE

I’m here mourning the great loss of a fine young man that have had the privilege to know and work with for over 10 years. Chance’s choice to leave us at the young age of 16 has devastated our community in a way few things can. I’ve worked in scouts and church youth groups for 15 years and I have watched these fine young men struggle to grow and become a MAN. Although most make it, it isn’t without struggles and trials.

I hate seeing our youth focus on so many things that don’t matter in life. I struggled through my high school years like so many others. The one thing I wish I could tell these boys is that High School is CRAP and nobody acts like that!

Since I’m now 40 (Ancient I know) I thought it would be helpful to put out a list of 40 action items to help our youth become a man. Obviously these are strictly my opinion, but it helped me keep my mind from wondering too much today.

I know the image below is large, so I also just pasted the list below if you don’t want to blow up the pic.

Ron-Douglas to be a man

To Be A Man, Your Second CHANCE…

1. Always go for a woman that will lift you up.
2. Only have sex with the woman you marry, the reward is more than you can imagine now.
3. Never hit anyone unless they are an immediate threat.
4. Never take a woman to the movies for the first date.
5. Always look a person in the eye when you talk to them.
6. Save a small portion of your paycheck no matter what.
7. A handshake should be firm with eye contact.
8. Pray on your knees daily.
9. Doing whats right is always cool, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.
10. Never point a gun at someone unless you plan to kill them.
11. Always stand when shaking someones hand.
12. Family comes before sports, bars, or any hobby you can think of.
13. Learning never ends, learn all you can.
14. Buy high quality tools and keep them for a lifetime.
15. Never lend anything you can’t afford to loose.
16. Stand tall, shoulders back and don’t hide your face behind a hat, hoodie, or hair.
17. Listen more than you talk.
18. Find your passion and make a living doing that no matter what.
19. Respect everyone, no matter their status or job.
20. Your wife is your Queen, always treat her as such.
21. Luck favors the prepared.
22. Never be the smartest person in the room
23. You are a combination of your 5 closest friends/family/business associates. Want change? Change your contacts.
24. Millionaires hang out with other millionaires.
25. A man that refuses to ask for directions is lost and wasting precious time.
26. The first to anger looses.
27. Never buy a new vehicle unless its making you money or you can pay cash for it.
28. Never use credit cards unless you are making money from the purchases.
29. Live below your means. Let others play the competition game.
30. Nice guys don’t finish last, boring guys do.
31. The wedding is merely the beginning. Chase her always.
32. Go with the decision that makes a great story and will keep your grandkids attention.
33. A man NEVER uses foul language in front of a woman.
34. Nothing interrupts date night with your wife.
35. Kissing your wife should be the first thing you do when coming home.
36. Always go out in public as if you are going to meet the love of your life.
37. No woman likes a guy that competes for mirror time.
38. Ask your children why they did something before getting upset. Their answers usually surprise you.
39. Always seek advice from men of success as they are always willing to share. Just ask!
40. The fastest way to help yourself is to forget yourself and help someone else.
Ron Douglas
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