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New Self Reliance Radio Show Is Up - KLZ 560AM

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Farmbot Automation For food Production


Listen, we are all different. I know some of you love to get your hands dirty in garden and would be willing to spend your entire day there. Others have other tasks in mind and would love a hands off approach to at least weeding the garden. How about growing food as efficient as possible?…

Incredible 3D Printer Builds 10 homes in 24hours, And For $5,000 Each!

3d Printed Home

VIDEO BELOW Seems like 3D Printers are all the rage. Right now it seems like the possibilities are endless and this may very will be the Internet or the Computer innovation of the 21st Century. A China based company used four 10mX6.6m printers to a mixture of cement and construction waste in building these walls.…

This Swedish family built a Greenhouse around their home.

Greenhouse Home In Sweden

  Note that the average temperature for this area is around -3°C (27°F). This family need not worry as their greenhouse encapsulated house takes their internal climate from Sweden to the Mediteraneean. Incredible! In January they see up to a 20°C spread from outside weather. The square area encapsulated by the greenhouse is nearly double that of…

Start a Farm With Government Grant Money

Pic of our Home

Would a government grant help you make the leap to buying a farm? That right! The USDA has announced it is giving out over $19MILLION in grants to young farmers accross the country! The Nation Institute of Food and Agriculture is managing the grant program. This program was put into place to help the younger…

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