Self Reliance Expo Give Out 100 FREE Berkey Filters!

2015-08-22 08.55.25

The Self Reliance Expo came to Denver, Colorado this past weekend. It was a one day only show but packed a punch! Never before have they given out 100 Sport Berkey’s to the crowd! It was $10 to get in but the Berkey was worth $37! Not a bad deal. Also to step up was…

Rain Bomb drops rare “Wet Microburst”

Screenshot 2015-08-19 12.51.49

This incredible timelapse show a serious dumb of rain. Commonly called a Rain Bomb, these can be devastating to hikers in the desert. Hard to predict these but watching the footage shows something rare and beautiful!

Chris Kyle-Heartwarming Aftermath Of A Great Man


We have been asked to share this story. Ive had the opportunity to have dinner with Taya and many SEAL team members. It was a huge honor and humbling experience to be in a room full of so many brave men and women. For that I share the following store. RIP Chris Kyle, never forgotten!…

Close Quarter Gun Fight

Close up gun

As you can see below close quarter gun fights are a real thing and you only have seconds to make a decision. Literally one second can change the outcome of a gun fight. Below are some tips to keep yourself safe during a gun fight. There is a huge difference in being a gun shooter and…

Ultimate Work Truck Part 2, Marge Gets Storage

Screenshot 2015-03-24 13.26.26

We spent some time collecting yard sale finds to create the ultimate storage system for only $40!!! Using ammo cans, tool drawer boxes, and some ingenuity we created what we think is the easiest storage systems you could have in a truck bed. Go Marge!!

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