The Baddest Homesteaders Truck


Every once in a while a truck comes by that causes total truck envy. Im not one for wanting something that costs so much, but this is pure awesome. This is what I would call KING of trucks! Built by Legacy Classic Trucks, the Legacy Power Wagon is one sick machine! These are hand-built by…

Planting Garlic In The Fall


Fall is the time to plant your garlic. You can start as early as mid September and as late as end of Oct. Garlic is very easy to grow and store. Although planting garlic is fairly easy there are some steps you need to be aware of. Garlic likes well drained soil Garlic likes loose…

The Last Trapper (Full Movie)

Last Trapper

The art of living in harmony with nature. Originally titled “Le dernier trappeur“. A trapper and his wife brave the harsh Yukon climate, trecherous landscape and dangerous wildlife in an attempt to live a life of solitude. For over 20 years, Nicolas Vanier, an untiring voyager in the coldest of climes, a veritable Jack London…

Facebook Protestors Shut Down Family Farm Raid

Raw Milk Protest

On Oct. 2, 2015 government officials raided Michael Schmidt’s farm. Schmidts is a raw milk activist for over 30 years and has been battling with the Canadian government for the last decade. His work around so far is instead of selling milk, he sells his customers shares in his cows. He has obviously dealt with…

Motorcycle Used To Press Sugar Cane

Screenshot 2015-10-08 13.37.06

In the old days they used oxen to juice sugar cane. This video show the upgrade to modern motorcycle for juicing. This could be done for all sorts of agricultural presses. Such as nut oils, seed oils, etc.

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